About Copanex

Our mission is twofold: we provide certain services to our suppliers and we offer high quality products to our customers.

The value that applies for both sides is “confidence”. We strive for a fair and correct long-term cooperation.
To our suppliers, we offer :

  • A good valorisation of their wood residues;
  • Full service (we arrange everything for the collection of your wood residues);
  • A good service (we provide punctual collection, so that the continuity of the production is assured);

We find for all your untreated wood residues the right solution tailored to your company. Thanks to us, You no longer have to waste time on the valorisation of your wood residues, because we guarantee timely collection through the whole year and this at very good terms.

For our customers, we offer : a high quality product at a competitive price.

The collected untreated wood residues are further processed on our site to become high quality products, so that we can deliver to all our professional customers the best products.


Copanex was founded by Roger Kerckhof in 1964, at the moment that the panel industry in our region was emerging. In that period, all of our trucks were used to empty sawdust silos in sawmills across Belgium and France.

During the second generation, the company was run by three brothers in law : Dirk Kerckhof, Bernard Vandaele and Fernand Verlinde. This trio managed to modernize the company. They made sure that the company had its own storage facilities.

They also have developed a roll-off container system for saw dust and wood shavings. And more recently they have finished the construction of our own pellet production site.

To be short : they led Copanex into the 21ste century. And now the 3the generation can’t wait to be at your service! Hopefully we can secure the future of the company for at least another 50 years!


We are always looking for usable wood residues. Do you have at least 40m³ of wood shavings, sawdust, blocks or other untreated wood residues available? We can offer You a solution!

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